The worst thing Titi could ever expect from her son is bringing back a drunk lady to the house. After all, he is a bishop son that should mean something to him she reasoned.

But Titi also wonders if there a story behind the drunk lady who follows her son home, a story similar to hers, a past life of rebellion, disobedience and whoredom, A life that constantly reminds her of how good God is.

Join Titi as she shares her encounters and journey with Tade who at first she is very sure is not qualified for her son but who really is ever qualified?

About the author

Seun Yewande Williams

Finding grace is Seun Yewande Williams debut novel  which is a retelling of her journey to what Grace really was, she had once taught that God’s love for her was based on doing all the right things and by never questioning certain teaching because of the authority personal behind it, but she was astonished as she began to seek God she realized how wrong she was and saw His grace in everyday men who displayed unconditional love to her.

  She hopes this book would drive her readers to seek who God is and to start a much more loving relationship with their heavenly Father

When she is not writing a novel she likes to share her thought on her blog: www.seunyewandewilliams.com